What does haulage insurance cover?

The precise details of any type of insurance are likely to vary from one insurer to another and to reflect your particular needs and requirements. This is equally true of haulage insurance cover, where you are likely to have a particular concern for ensuring that the policy you arrange accurately [...]

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Compare HGV Insurance

If you want to compare HGV insurance, one way of doing so might simply be to choose the cheapest HGV cover. In any question involving insurance, however, the cheapest is rarely the cover most likely to suit you and your particular set of needs and circumstances. And what you consider [...]

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A new haulier? What do you need?

If you are new to the haulage business, there are a number of things you may need in preparation for running your business. On the question of insurance alone, for example, there are a number of considerations you might need to give to safeguarding your business. It might be helpful [...]

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What does liability insurance cover?

If you operate a haulage business, the need for HGV insurance for the trucks and lorries you use is probably second nature – after all, motor insurance is required by law and you are likely to want full financial protection for your lorry or fleet. Liability insurance, however, is a [...]

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Calling all drivers – tackling the shortage

Where have all the drivers gone? Haulage industry organisations have long warned about the shortage of professional drivers. According to the website Motor Transport (August 2015), the industry currently faces a shortfall of 45,000 HGV drivers. A new initiative, launched on the 11th of September 2015, by the Department for [...]

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HGV Insurance FAQs

Do I need HGV insurance? you most certainly do. The law requires it; more than that, the law takes a serious view of driving without insurance and penalties may range from a £300 fixed penalty fine up to a decision by the courts to impose a stiffer penalty, including disqualification [...]

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Top tips on how to become a truck driver

If you want to become a truck driver, some of the more obvious personal qualities may spring immediately to mind – qualities such as: a nature that is essentially calm and unflappable when under pressure; an ability to concentrate on the job in hand, even when that means mile after [...]

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HGV news roundup

Photography by Nigel Green at www.truckpictures.co.uk Given its vital role in the performance and strength of the UK economy, it may come as no surprise that haulage operations and every aspect of owning and operating HGVs continue to grab news headlines. This might be the place to highlight [...]

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