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HGV Breakdown cover

Are you protected when your HGVs break down? Keep your HGV on the road with the peace of mind that comes with breakdown cover.

  • We’re not a call centre. Don’t queue, get straight through.
  • Instant cover, instant documentation.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Discounts available for new ventures.
  • Discounts available for vehicles with fixed cameras.
  • Access to exclusive schemes you won’t find on the high street.

What is HGV breakdown insurance cover?

Think of it this way: if you have a car breakdown, it can be inconvenient. You might lose some time, and repairs might be necessary, but it’s not really the end of the world. If your HGV or work truck breaks down, you could be out of work for a while. Even if you have a fleet of trucks, having even one off the road can have a serious effect on your profitability. HGV Breakdown insurance gives you the peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected against costly repairs.

Different kinds and levels of HGV breakdown cover are available, of course. Lorry breakdown only, Lorry recovery coverage, 7.5 tonne breakdown cover and even roadside assistance for commercial trucks are options form a variety of different insurers. Separate breakdown cover policies can be had for LGVs, tipper trucks and other commercial vehicles can be had a swell.

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What does HGV breakdown cover typically include?

This varies dramatically from insurer to insurer, and with different levels of policy. Typical cover features include:

  • Cover for different sizes of HGVs, up to 48 tonnes
  • Recovery services, often to any destination you choose within 40, 100 or even 200 miles (within the UK)
  • Roadside assistance service anywhere in the UK
  • Cover for lost keys, battery failure, wheel or tyre change or repair, even running out of petrol

Flexible cover

We work with a range of leading UK insurers and can offer you genuine choice. We take the time to understand your particular business needs and can tailor a policy that ensures you get the protection you need without paying for cover that you don’t. For any business relying on keeping HGV’s on the road and earning money, having the right breakdown cover means peace of mind.


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Do you need standard HGV breakdown cover, or ‘pay as you go’?

That is a complex decision, and one which should be made with all of your business’ details and quirks in mind. Of course, ISIS’ HGV breakdown team is ready to speak to you, and help you choose an option which suits your situation, at a competitive price

Traditional HGV breakdown cover has the advantage of being a fixed cost. You always know exactly what you’ll be paying. However, you have to pay for it even if you don’t use it.

Pay as you go HGV breakdown cover, by comparison, is a variable cost. There is typically a yearly ‘admin fee’ that is much lower than what traditional cover would cost. If you do need to use the breakdown or recovery services, though, you’ll have to pay for it. This is particularly useful for those businesses with smaller overheads, or those who have little need for recovery services. You might find, though, that if you use these services more than you expect, you’ll end up paying more than you would with traditional HGV breakdown cover.


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