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HGV insurance

Need to find HGV insurance that fits all of your business needs? That’s what ISIS is here for! Talk to our expert HGV insurance team now!

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What is HGV insurance?

Of course, there is a minimum level of insurance required just to take an HGV onto the road, but that is nowhere near enough to meet the needs of most businesses! It isn’t terribly different in that respect from private vehicle insurance. Whether you are a single owner-operator or need to source HGV insurance for a whole fleet, you’ll need a more comprehensive policy to protect the vehicle, the people in it, and the goods it carries.

Some businesses will have fairly straightforward HGV insurance requirements. Others will have unusual business structures or other complications that will make many ‘standard’ insurance options inappropriate. Feel free to discuss exactly what options you need with us as specialist HGV insurance brokers. To get a quote, we’ll need to know how many vehicles are in your fleet, the exact nature of your business, how many different drivers you employ, what you carry, and whether you make deliveries or runs to Europe, or only domestically. You may also need to consider getting public liability insurance for HGV drivers in your vehicles.

ISIS is a specialist insurance broker to the HGV insurance marketplace. Our team has years of experience finding insurance cover for HGV owners and operators of all sizes. Working with a range of leading UK insurers, we have access to a wealth of products and some schemes that you won’t find on the high street. Call us today. We’re happy to discuss your requirements and get you a quote.

Extras covers to consider when buying your HGV insurance

In addition to HGV driver insurance (and public liability insurance for HGV drivers), you might need added extras that aren’t automatically a part of standard HGV insurance policies. A few, but certainly not all, of the possible options include:

HGV Breakdown Cover

This would be aimed at getting your vehicles back on the road quickly, and without your business being out of pocket.

Goods in Transit

Goods in transit cover will protect the value of the goods you are moving from point A to point B. Typically, loss, damage and theft are all covered, but check the policy for details.

Excess Protection

This type of cover protects you against having to pay the excess on your policy, if you need to make a claim for an accident that was your driver’s fault. This is usually available in a range of indemnity levels.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects your business in case the worst happens and a claim is made by an employee or member of the public.


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Important things to remember about HGV insurance

  • You’ll need valid insurance for each of your HGVs that you own.
  • Each policy will only be valid under certain conditions, including vehicle weight, type of use and others. Using it for another purpose could invalidate your cover.
  • Specific fleet insurance is often less expensive than insuring your fleet individually, depending on the size of your fleet.

Whether you’re responsible for just a single HGV or a whole fleet, ISIS is ready to help you find insurance that meets all of your business needs, and works to protect your business.


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