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7.5 tonne lorry insurance

ISIS can help you find 7.5 tonne lorry insurance that really suits your business!

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  • Discounts available for new ventures.
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  • Access to exclusive schemes you won’t find on the high street.

Who needs 7.5 tonne lorry insurance?

The 7.5 tonne lorry is amongst the most common commercial HGV vehicles on the UK’s roads. Used to carry almost everything that moves along Britain’s (and Europe’s) roads – goods, equipment and materials. For that reason, there are a great many insurers offering commercial cover for them.

If you own or run a business that operates one or more 7.5 tonne lorries to carry either your own or customers goods its likely that you need more cover in place than just a standard commercial vehicle insurance policy.

At ISIS, we’re specialists in the 7.5t Lorry Insurance market. With knowledgeable staff and access to a range of specialist schemes you’re unlikely to find on the high street, we’re here to tailor a policy to your exact requirements.

What is included on a 7.5 tonne lorry insurance policy?

Exactly what you need from a 7.5 tonne insurance policy is mostly determined by the way you do business, exactly what you haul, and how many miles each vehicle drives on a typical run. No business, vehicle or other set of circumstances is ever really ‘standard’, and a ‘one size fits all approach to insurance cover rarely gives satisfactory results.

Key Features of 7.5 tonne lorry insurance

The key to getting the right cover is making sure it addresses everything your business does. Achieving this can be easier when you add certain extra kinds of cover to a more ‘standard’ policy.

Breakdown lorry insurance

Even if you only run a single vehicle, the amount of time a working lorry spends on the road means that breakdowns are inevitable. Having cover for roadside assistance and/or recovery can keep you from being out of pocket every time it happens!

Goods in transit insurance

Just because your vehicle is protected doesn’t mean your cargo is. Goods in transit cover can protect them – and your clients/customers – against loss, theft and breakage.

The key to getting the right cover is making sure it addresses everything your business does. Achieving this can be easier when you add the right extra cover to a ‘standard’ policy. We can help you understand your likely requirements and supply quotes to suit from a range of leading insurers.


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Why use ISIS Insurance to buy 7.5t lorry insurance?

Using an insurance broker with experience in 7.5 t lorries – like ISIS – can help you understand your own needs and ensure you get the adequate protection that you need without paying for cover you don’t. We take the time to understand your business and circumstances, and help steer you towards those 7.5 ton truck insurance policies which address your needs well.

Could you use a bit of help sorting through your 7.5 tonne truck insurance options? ISIS is ready to help.


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